Triple Glazed Windows

Discover top-tier triple glazed windows by JR Fixing Ltd. We supply & fit the best triple glazed windows in Laois and nearby counties such as Kildare, Carlow, Offaly, and Kilkenny, boasting a low U-Value of 0.74 the lowest in Ireland.

Triple Glazed Window Units. Save Energy/Save Money.

All our made-to-order triple glazing products are manufactured to provide high levels of thermal insulation. We highly recommend the installation of triple-glazed windows to our customers.

The energy-efficient windows are made of 3 panes of glass sealed in a single unit and surrounded by a frame made from UPVC, or another material of your choice.

Why upgrade to triple glazed windows:


The sealed air in between the three panes of glass offers energy efficiency in the form of insulation. This keeps the heat inside the house in Winter and outside in Summer.


There is a safety benefit as 3 panes of glass are harder to break than one or two panes of glass.

Noise Pollution

There is significant noise reduction when you install triple glazed units. This can be particularly beneficial for properties located in noisy urban areas, near motorways, airports, or other sources of external noise.

Upgrade and invest in low U-Value Windows and doors now.

Did you know a typical home loses around 40% of its heat through the windows & doors?

The U-value, also known as thermal transmittance, measures how effective a material is as an insulator. A lower U-value indicates better insulation.

All our windows are manufactured to provide high levels of thermal insulation.

We provide glazing and frames with a combined Ultra low U-Values as low as 0.74.

If you are looking to upgrade your windows into triple glazing, partner with JR Fixing Ltd today. The trusted provider of triple glazed windows in Laois and experience the difference firsthand!

Why invest in Ultra Low U Value Windows?

Reduce the amount of heat lost to the outside

Significant savings on energy bills

Keep your home warm in winter

Reduced carbon footprint which helps save the planet

Window Materials Available:

At JR Fixing, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of high-quality window materials to meet your specific needs. Our range includes:

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows offer unrivalled benefits when it comes to appearance, efficiency, security and value for money. Offering a wide range of styles, colours and finishes.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Our range of aluminium windows perform well against weather, reducing draughts and providing excellent weather resistance in even the poorest conditions.

Aluclad Windows

Each of our Alu Clad products has state-of the-art “warm-edge” spacers between the glass panes, ensuring better thermal values and greater comfort near the window.

Styles Available:

Discover our diverse array of stylish and functional window style options at JR Fixing. Our selection includes:

Tilt & Turn

Tilt & turn window styles offer versatile functionality, allowing easy ventilation with a tilt mode and convenient cleaning and access in turn mode. Ideal blend of form and function.


Fixed window styles exude timeless elegance while providing unobstructed views and excellent insulation. Perfect for framing scenic beauty and maintaining energy efficiency.


Flush window styles seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with classic design, offering sleek lines and enhanced natural light. Aesthetically pleasing while maintaining functionality and energy efficiency.

A Full Colour Range is Available for Window Glazing!

Experience the freedom of expression with our extensive range of window colours

RAL colour codes are a standardized way of identifying colours for window frames.

Simply select your preferred  RAL colour in a local paint store and let us know the RAL number.

There is also a dual colour option –one colour inside and a second colour outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is triple glazing, and how does it differ from triple glazing?

Triple glazed windows offer enhanced insulation, reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency compared to double glazed windows. The additional glass pane in triple glazed windows creates an extra thermal barrier, leading to increased cost savings over time. Furthermore, it is particularly effective in reducing external noise, making it an excellent choice for sound insulation. Additionally, the extra layer of glass enhances security, providing an additional level of protection for your home.

2. What are the benefits of triple glazed windows, and how do they differ from double glazed windows?

Triple glazed windows offer a more improved insulation, reduced heat loss, and increased energy efficiency than double glazed. They also help in minimising external noise and enhancing security.

3. How does triple glazing enhance energy efficiency?

Triple glazing provides superior thermal insulation compared to double glazing, resulting in increased energy efficiency. The additional glass pane creates an extra barrier against heat transfer.

4. What factors should be considered when choosing between double and triple glazing?

Consider factors such as climate, energy efficiency goals, budget, and the level of insulation required.

5. Can I upgrade from double glazing to triple glazing?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade to triple glazing by replacing the existing double glazed units. However, it’s essential to consult with a professional to ensure compatibility with your window frames.

6. What is a double glazed unit, and how is it different from a triple glazed unit?

A double glazing unit consists of two glass panes, while a triple glazed has three. The extra pane in the triple glazed unit provides additional thermal insulation.

7. Are there any cost considerations when choosing between double and triple glazing?

Triple glazing is generally more expensive than double glazing due to the additional materials and manufacturing processes. However, it may lead to long-term energy savings.

8. What role does the window frame play in double and triple glazing?

The window frame is crucial for both double and triple glazing. It contributes to the overall energy efficiency and structural integrity of the window. Properly insulated frames are essential for optimal performance.

9. How is triple glazing installed?

Installing triple glazing involves removing the existing window and fitting the new triple glazed unit into the frame. Professional installation ensures proper sealing and insulation.

10. Can I install triple glazing in any type of window frame?

While triple glazing can be installed in various window frames, it’s essential to assess the frame’s compatibility and strength. Some frames may require reinforcement to support the additional weight of triple glazed windows.

11. Are there any maintenance differences between double and triple glazed windows?

Both double and triple glazed windows require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking for seal integrity. However, the number of glass panes in triple glazing may add complexity to the cleaning process.

12. How does double or triple glazing contribute to sound insulation?

Both double and triple help reduce external noise, providing a quieter indoor environment. However, triple glazing offesr better sound insulation due to the additional glass layer.

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