Triple Glazing

Triple Glazed Window Units. Save Energy/Save Money.

All our made-to-order triple glazing products are manufactured to provide high levels of thermal insulation. We highly recommend the installation of triple-glazed windows to our customers.

The energy-efficient windows are made of 3 panes of glass sealed in a single unit and surrounded by a frame made from UPVC, or another material of your choice.

Why upgrade to triple glazed windows:


The sealed air in between the three panes of glass offers energy efficiency in the form of insulation. This keeps the heat inside the house in Winter and outside in Summer.


There is a safety benefit as 3 panes of glass are harder to break than one or two panes of glass.

Noise Pollution

There is significant noise reduction when you install triple glazed units. This can be particularly beneficial for properties located in noisy urban areas, near motorways, airports, or other sources of external noise.